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Unrivaled opportunity for therapists

Expanding your career as a psychotherapist has never been easier. Legion matches excellent therapists with flexible, high-paying contract opportunities at short-staffed digital health companies. We support some of the largest brands in the space but are very selective with our partners. 

We handle the rate negotiation, clinical vetting, technical setup, and training so that you can simply focus on seeing patients. Our therapists are able to rest easy with the perfect combination of income, flexibility, and stability.

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True flexibility

Work remote positions whenever you want; we manage your availability and maximize your bookings 

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You're in control

Have a say in who you work with based on fit, specialty, and skills

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Payment, reimagined

Earn competitive compensation in a quick way 

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Level up your skills

Grow and learn from thought-leaders and innovators in the heath-tech space

Access, Efficiency, Empowerment, and Flexibility

Legion expands mental health access, empowers clinicians to be at their best, and puts your time in your hands. For us, clinicians come first.

  • What is Legion Health?
    Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Legion Health is dedicated to solving America’s mental health crisis. We are building the infrastructure that enables clinicians and organizations to provide high-quality mental health services to all. We connect the most talented mental health professionals to the nation’s premier healthcare organizations. Clinicians come to us with their availability, and we match them with our partners’ patients.
  • Is Legion Health a staffing company?
    Legion Health is building the world’s first B2B mental health marketplace — we are not a traditional staffing company! We value our relationship with clinicians and will continually match them with the best opportunities for their needs. When you join the Legion, we deliver flexibility in schedules, fully remote positions, and a community for growth. Clinicians are connected with industry-leading organizations and have a say in their choice of partner.
  • What is special about working with Legion Health?
    Legion Health delivers clinicians access to premier healthcare organizations and flexibility they can’t find anywhere else. You determine when you do and don't want to work, putting your time back in your hands. We take your available hours and match that with patient appointments from one (or more) of our partners.
  • What’s the process to join Legion Health?
    This process is simple and straightforward! To get started, please fill out this very brief (~3 minutes) form, so we can get to know you a bit better. We will be in constant communication and reach out with potential opportunities and next steps. These opportunities will be based on your specialty, licenses, and availability. Along the way, our team of dedicated professionals will be by your side! For more details, read our blog post here.
  • What support do you offer clinicians?
    Legion values the time and commitment of mental health professionals. Working with us means true flexibility, control of your time, and competitive compensation – not to mention plenty of opportunities for growth with thought-leaders and innovators in the heath-tech space!
  • Does Legion Health offer benefits?
    Legion Health offers flexibility in your schedule, the opportunity to work from anywhere, malpractice coverage, and quick pay (within 10 days).
  • Do I need to have malpractice insurance?
    Legion Health carries malpractice insurance for all clinicians who work with us! Still, it is highly recommended that you carry your own malpractice policy.
  • Does Legion Health require that I take commercial insurance?
    No. Many of our partners are cash-pay only. Some of our partners may ask that you become credentialed with their insurers, and we'll help you with that process!
  • Must I only work for Legion Health?
    No, Legion Health opportunities are meant to be an added benefit to you. Some of our clinicians work part-time or full-time at health systems, clinics, or their own private practices. Our goal is to provide maximum value for your time, and clinicians are encouraged to dedicate more time to Legion Health.
  • Can this be a full-time position?
    We are happy to accept clinicians who are looking for full-time opportunities and match you with the appropriate partners.
  • Who will I be matched with? Do I have a say in this process?
    We at Legion Health strive to ensure the clinicians’ voice is amplified, meaning you get a say in this process. We want not only you to be a great fit for our partner, but our partners to be a great fit for you. We present an opportunity to you, and you choose if you are interested. Also, you can be matched with one or multiple of our partners depending on your availability.
  • Who does Legion Health partner with?
    While we can not disclose the names of our partners until you join us, they are some of the premier, leading, and innovative health care organizations in the country.
  • Does Legion Health control which patients I see?
    Our partners have varied patient populations! We inform all clinicians of the types of patients they might treat for any given partner in advance of making a match, so you can make the decision for yourself if you are comfortable in that setting.
  • Can I serve patients in multiple states?
    Yes, if your licensure allows.
  • What training is required?
    Legion Health's partners each provide training on their clinical processes, EMR, platform, etc. This way, our clinicians can learn about each company, expand their clinical skills, and assimilate into each partner's team. Furthermore, we compensate clinicians for completing the training process!
  • (Nurse Practitioners only) Do I need a collaborating physician?
    If you're able to practice independently in the state in which you are licensed (for example, in Arizona where no practice hours are required before autonomy), then you do not need a collaborating physician. Please let us know your state licensure requirements, here! It is a huge plus if you can bring your own collaborating physician, but in some cases our partner may provide one.
  • What health care professionals does Legion Health support and what state licenses are you looking for?
    Our partners serve patients all over the country, therefore we welcome all licenses. In particular, we highlight MD/DOs, nurse practitioners, psychotherapists, social workers, and other mental health professionals.
  • How does Legion Health protect my license?
    Legion Health is very selective with the partner organizations we work with. Additionally, we support our clinicians in using their best clinical judgment to navigate tricky situations. If a clinician doesn’t feel comfortable, we immediately flag that and escalate.
  • Does Legion Health integrate with my personal calendar?
    Personal calendar integrations are coming! We want to offer you the best experience possible in ensuring you have full control over when you see patients.

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