A turnkey clinical recruitment engine

We can completely replace your recruitment arm, streamline clinician management, and provide top-quality behavioral health clinicians to start seeing your patients in a matter of weeks.

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Build your mental health offering on Legion Health

Pricing made for you

Pay for hours – not FTE’s – where and when you need them. Pricing plans built for startups, enterprises, and platform companies.

Seamless onboarding

Our clinicians will join your platform ready to use your systems, follow your clinical protocols, and treat your patients in a warm and evidence-based way. They will feel like part of your team, starting from day one.

Expansive clinician network

Our 50 state network is comprised of rigorously vetted clinicians of a number of license types and abilities across psychiatry and therapy.

Tech-forward integration

We don't replace your EMR and platform. Instead, our partners use our systems to receive up-to-date clinical availability and scheduling, credentialing support, and licensure information.

Partners come to us when they need to:

  • Launch or scale their behavioral health offering quickly

  • Expand their footprint into new states

  • Remain flexible in the face of variable patient demand

  • Remove the operational burden of managing clinicians over time

  • Avoid fixed expenses from recruiting teams and full-time clinicians

Some partners use Legion to augment their current network. Others rely on us to support their entire behavioral health offering.

Keep your patients in the experience you designed

In mental health, ensuring continuity of care is of the utmost importance. Our clinician retention programs are best-in-the-business, and we invest heavily in creating an environment where our clinicians can see your patients for years.


Our clinicians learn and use your platform and protocols to provide the care you intended. You maintain control over patient data and member experience.

Praise from our Partners

"Legion stands out for the quality of clinicians they bring to the table. Their team is also mission-oriented and has made our partnership incredible."  

- Operations Leader, Digital Health Startup 

Unlock revenue and save on costs

Access high-quality clinicians while only paying for what you use