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How to Become a Clinician with Legion Health

What is Legion Health’s onboarding process? When can I expect to get matched? As a mental health professional, you may be wondering these exact things and wish to know the ins and out of Legion’s processes.

In this blog entry, we’ll answer your questions about what to expect when signing up with Legion Health, how to get connected with partners, and other concerns.

First and foremost, we at Legion Health strive to ensure the clinicians’ voice is amplified, meaning you get a say in this process. We want all parties, including our partners and clinicians, to be happy with the fit.

To get started, “Join the Legion” here! This is a simple (~3 minute) form in which we ask for your basic information to best understand what opportunity you are looking for.

Your information will consequently be reviewed, and we will connect you with a partner that meets your needs. This means an opportunity that suits your specialty and skills while giving you the flexibility you desire.

Next, you start the onboarding process. We view onboarding as a crucial step in being able to provide great clinical care, so we make sure to compensate clinicians during this process. Once onboarding is complete, you can start seeing patients.

To conclude, our process is straightforward, simple, and designed with you in mind. You sign up with us, and we will connect you with one of our industry-leading partners. Our team of dedicated professionals is also with you every step of the way!

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