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Fueling the future of mental health

Legion Health is building the world’s first B2B mental health marketplace, connecting clinicians with companies who need their clinical services.

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Advancing mental health access.

We connect mental health care professionals to the companies that need them. Telehealth companies, hospitals, and other health care organizations utilize our high-quality virtual network to better meet their patient demand as they scale their psychiatric and therapy offerings.

Scale instantly—up or down—with elite talent only.

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to your needs

Match with clinicians by state, license type, availability, and more

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Nationwide network

The most talented and experienced mental health professionals across all 50 states

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Continuity of care

Your Legion clinicians see your patients on a recurring basis – without interruption

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Impart your culture

Teach Legion clinicians what makes you special – and they'll truly be a part of your team

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Flexibility with reliability

Pay only for what you use and what you need

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Unbeatable quality

Rigorous recruiting process designed by leading mental health experts 

Get early access

We're so humbled by the talented clinicians and amazing companies who have asked to work with us. We're working hard to make sure they have the best experience possible—and we'd love to work with you, too.

We put clinicians first, so they can put patients first.

With so much clinical innovation in the mental health space, often critically missing are the health care professionals to deliver that innovative care. Legion Health is solving that piece.

Dr. Madhukar Trivedi


“Legion has helped us scale and source our mental health workforce in a quick and flexible manner.”

Apply to be part of the Legion

Competitive compensation, flexible hours,

and the ability to work from anywhere.

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Private Practice Platform

Manage and grow your private practice, all in one place. No more managing multiple accounts, see all of your appointments and clients in one place.

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