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Providers who care.

We hire providers from the best training programs, empower them with support from proven leaders, and give them the most powerful tools in the mental health industry

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Clinical autonomy

You aren't another cog in the machine. We want to develop and rely on your clinical decision-making. PMHNPs are just beginning to get the credit they deserve in the mental health space – we want to lead the charge!

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Competitive comp.

We believe in offering transparent, competitive payment. Our goal is for you to make 2x+ a hospital income. 

We can offer compensation equivalent to a private practice, without the instability.

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Growth & community

Our providers are part of a tight-knit group of thought-leaders and innovators in the heath-tech space

We encourage you to speak to any Legion provider if you're curious about applying!

Providing excellent, evidence-based psychiatry starts with great people.

In order to maintain a culture of service toward patients, and our strong emphasis on quality:

  • We only hire clinicians with a robust understanding of evidence-based approaches to medication management and excellent bedside manner

  • We rigorously collect and analyze patient data, using technology wherever possible to make this seamless for the provider

  • We carefully monitor training and align incentives to ensure that patients are not prescribed anything except what is medically appropriate

If this culture appeals to you, we'd love to speak to you!

Our providers enjoy all the stability of a hospital position with the independence of a private practice.
In the midst of a nationwide shortage of psychiatric providers, we believe that creating a stellar work experience – that attracts and retains top talent – is the key to success.  

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